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Kasandra Shriver, R |&| Mandi Esrason, RA

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About Kasandra Shriver

Kasandra Shriver started her career in real estate 2012, and joined HomeQuest, Realtors LLC in 2014 where she is a REALTOR® Broker. She is a homeowner and investment property owner and has both the professional and personal experiences to serve as a competent real estate sales person and property manager. Combining her legal, sales and property management experience, she has seen and resolved many diverse property issues.

Kasandra is married to a retired naval officer, and has four children. While not caring for her family she is out golfing! GOLF GOLF GOLF!🏌🏽‍♀️⛳️ Kasandra is an avid golfer and spends all of her free time on the golf course, or wishing she was on the golf course!

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Property tax rates for 2020-2021 did not see much change.  Owner occupied residental rates remained the same.Here is the table of Honolulu property tax rates for the fiscal year July 1 2020

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Honolulu Property Tax Rates for Fiscal Year 2019 - 2020

Property tax in Hawaii is always an interesting subject.  For starters, we are one of the only states that does not use property tax to pay for education.  Long ago, the decision was made

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